Selenium Retro9 integrates the pleasures, the latest technology and aesthetics with modern details at “Selenium Living Quality’’. The rising living standards of Selenium Retro9 add new value to the texture of New Ataköy.

Built on 7500 sqm land, Selenium Retro9 consists of residence and office options in 2 Blocks, each of which has 18 floors, as well as stores on the avenue.

New Ataköy is located at the intersection point of Yeşilköy, Florya and Bakırköy, which are among the most decent settlement areas in Istanbul, and continues to expand with the exclusive living concept of Selenium.

Selenium Retro9 provides you with the best properties that you need through its 225 Residences, 108 Offices and 15 Stores.

Secure your place at the rising living center Selenium Retro9 that offers amenities, garden & outdoor landscaped areas, SPA, swimming pool, gym, extensive lobby areas and stores that reflect Selenium quality in each detail. 

Designed by Norm Architectural Office, Selenium Retro9 is built for you in New Ataköy through its structure that uses daylight at maximum level, its panoramic view and style that does not make concessions on exclusive services.